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Our core professional development pathway offers a clear progression route, which can be flexed, adapted and supplemented as you deepen your expertise and identify your career priorities.
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Early Career Teachers


Launching your teaching career

A two-year training programme combining:

  • face-to-face workshops in a school near yours
  • self-directed online learning for maximum flexibility
  • in-school mentoring to personalise your training to you. 

Our ECF programme is delivered in partnership with University College London (UCL) and our Teaching School Hub, London South. 

  • Our Teaching School Hub runs Appropriate Body Services. This means that you can be sure that you will receive all your statutory entitlements to support you to complete your induction successfully.

Charter is home to an EEF-accredited Research School. This means we understand the value of engaging with evidence.

Year 2 of our ECT programme supports you to develop your understanding of evidence-informed practice through practitioner enquiry projects.

NExt Steps


Evidence Champion

Develop your knowledge of the best available research evidence, how to access it and how to put it into practice. Be supported to design, deliver, and evaluate a research project to address an area of need fora class or group of pupils and disseminate your findings.

Next steps


Consolidating practice and developing expertise 

After completing your two-year ECT induction, you'll enter the appraisal process. Now is the time to consolidate your practice and develop your expertise through engaging with subject networks, curriculum hubs and programmes with our EEF Research School.

Working with your in-school mentor, you will identify an area of practice to develop over the year and explore through a practitioner enquiry model. 

Explore the evidence around your area of focus in a group session with other colleagues, facilitated by our Research School. You will be supported to  articles, research, observing best practice

In the second facilitated session, you will be supported to complete an action plan to address your identified focus area, including how to evaluate the impact of any change that you make in the classroom. 

Share what you have found in a supportive, collaborative workshop at our annual summer conference

In school with your mentor, review your progress over the year and identify your CPD steps for next year.

National Professional Qualifications


Developing an area of specialism

Ready for middle leadership? Explore specialist NPQs accredited by DfE to extend your skills in one of four domains.

Extending impact


Working Beyond Your Team

Completed your Specialist NPQ? Ready to expand your impact? Options include leading professional development, collaborating with other schools and teachers within and beyond the Trust.

Leadership NPQs


Building your leadership capacity

Four leadership NPQs are available to teachers and leaders considering school and system leadership:
Our core professional offer is in development and we want to get your feedback about the routes, what's on offer and how we can better tailor it to suit your needs. If you have any feedback, we'd love to hear from you on the form below.